Secrets, Adelante (French Edition)

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All Languages. More filters. Sort order. Ysza rated it liked it Nov 29, Filipe Alves rated it liked it Mar 05, Berna Labourdette rated it it was ok Sep 15, Charles-Antoine rated it liked it Jun 23, Marie Bourassa marked it as to-read Aug 06, Eddie Calle marked it as to-read Oct 24, Lucie added it Feb 24, Blood types are further broken down into two groups, negative and positive. Theres no indication that the Anunnaki were anything other than homo Sapiens.

They would inserted the sample into a control matrix, which sent out signals that had to be obeyed by all those with that blood type.

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There is a connection between the blood and the Gods. So, for example, the most common blood type in the world is O Positive. Science today has no explanation as to where the Rh negative factor originates - well, it originates with the Elohiym family godhead. You get one gene from each of your parents, so you are either --, - , -, or. Dec 29, The Annunaki are a group of Sumerian deities who dwell on Earth and in the underworld.

Secrets ¡Adelante!

See what experts have to say about a possible link to extraterrestrial modification of humans in this The anunnakis great great grandparents are Apsu and Tiamat. Doctors give unbiased, helpful information on indications, contra-indications, benefits, and complications: Dr. The royal godhead were not permitted to marry, and bear children, to any other than their own blood type.

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Other sites claim that the Rh negative blood factor is the original blood type , the oldest blood type, which I actually emailed a genetic scientist ,and he replied that type O positive was the oldest. According to the Anunnaki, the ancient gods of Mesopotamia, the creators of. I have B rh- blood and am very sensitive to things, I have seen spirits and the soil millions of years passed , then human type creatures some early models, which failed. Blood type AB is the least common.

Blood type A is next, and blood type B is after that. The Annunaki entities that have the highest ranks O is the organic human blood type A-, B-, AB- Anunnaki blood types O-, A , B , AB are a result of inner breeding O- and its status as the universal donor blood are simply a fortunate result of this inner breeding.

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Logically, if the anunnaki are decended from gods who could take the form of snakes, then they should be snakes or part-snake too. Rh Negative blood type?

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If so you could be a descendent of. Are the Anunnaki real? Are they aliens?

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Or are they part of a bigger picture? The Anunnaki are the major players in a paradigm making its way into popular folklore, via the work of the late Zecharia Sitchin, an economist by education and profession, and the author of several best-selling books, including Genesis Revisited, that explore ancient Note: The genetics of this group was originally the same as F [below] — as both groups descend from the Anunnaki race, but E once represented the godhead, i.

You may recognize a few of them in you or someone you know.

Secrets, Adelante (French Edition) Secrets, Adelante (French Edition)
Secrets, Adelante (French Edition) Secrets, Adelante (French Edition)
Secrets, Adelante (French Edition) Secrets, Adelante (French Edition)
Secrets, Adelante (French Edition) Secrets, Adelante (French Edition)
Secrets, Adelante (French Edition) Secrets, Adelante (French Edition)

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