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The overall structure of the book is similar to that of an instruction manual, even down to the diagrams of various situations e. My favorite diagrams were "Coitus Interruptus" and the hilarious comparison of "Real Baby vs. TV Baby". Whil In short, I would classify this as a Fun Read. While this could not be considered the "end all and be all" to one's books on pregnancy it was certainly light on the breastfeeding information , I definitely recommend this as a fun read for a pregnant mom or dad.

In particular, if you know someone who has a tendency to stress out or give in to paranoia, I would suggest this a gift to encourage some light-heartedness. Furthermore, an added benefit to this book is that it is very Dad Friendly and would make an excellent gift for a dad, too. After all, pregnancy should be fun, too. View 1 comment. Nov 15, Leah K rated it really liked it. While many of these books provide a lot of good, in-depth, information, I quickly became overwhelmed.

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So I finally chose to pick up this little book. It has good information, fun tidbits, cute little charts, and section for the dads. Maybe not the know-all of everything pregnancy but definitely a great starter book and a fast read it only took me a few hours to get through this page book.

Dec 02, Ashley rated it really liked it Shelves: parenting.

What I liked best about this guide was the many easy-to-follow lists, like what to pack for the hospital and what you need to have purchased before the baby gets here. There are guides and lists for every stage of the pregnancy through when you bring the baby home. What I don't like is that these guides, so far, all seem so sexist. This one had a section on what the father would be feeling that included "revulsion over the pregnant body," "neglect," and "increasing concerns about finances.

Where are the successful women? What about stay-at-home dads and career moms, or moms with bigger incomes? I certainly hope I won't have to worry about my husband trying to "watch the big game" on the television in the labor and delivery room, but who the hell does have to worry about that? Nov 09, Ilze rated it it was amazing.

The best book to start with - it has all the important information in a beautifully condensed form that includes tips, lists, and awesomely drawn figures that no proper instruction manual could do without. Whenever I have a question this is the first book that I turn to as I know that I'll find what I need without being overwhelmed and it's a fun read.

Aconselho vivamente!!! Leuk, handzaam boek. Lekker nuchtere kijk op de zwangerschap, niet zweverig of vaag. Heeft ook handige en leuke tips voor mannen. Oct 20, Lori rated it it was ok Shelves: pregnancy. Not bad, but not great. Very basic information, quick read, and had some good sections for dads Jul 30, Alexis rated it it was amazing. Love the illustrations. Very informative and clever. I am so happy I found this book! Jun 21, Justin rated it really liked it. Cute and to the point. We feel much better. On to the next project.

Aug 21, Patricia rated it it was amazing. Loved this book! His response was not what she had expected.

A few days later, concerned that nothing more had been said about arrangements for her pregnancy, she decided to put her due date and proposed departure into writing, and left an envelope on his desk. She says she was able to watch as he opened the letter, observing his actions reflected in her computer screen. Moments later he asked if he could have a word with her. I'll give you a month's notice. I'll give you your commission'," she says. He told her she didn't have to work her notice, and that was all he said.

The conversation lasted less than a minute, she thinks. I'd gone in at 9am that day and I was out by 9. It was over very quickly," she says. There are no precise figures to illustrate their concern, but the campaigners' assessment reflects a clear increase in the numbers of people contacting lawyers and support groups to take legal advice. Rosalind Bragg, director of the advice and campaigning group Maternity Action, says: "Before the crash, 30, women each year lost their jobs because of pregnancy discrimination.

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The situation has become much worse since the economic downturn. We see a lot of cases of pregnant women and women on maternity leave who are selected for redundancy because of their pregnancy. The organisation has also advised a lot of women whose employers have made life unbearable since they announced their pregnancy, many of whom have subsequently resigned, Bragg says.

Because of the time and costs involved in taking legal action, the majority of women do not pursue their employers, she adds. She points to a new willingness among some employers to complain openly about maternity rights. Alan Sugar caused outrage when he said maternity laws meant "people are entitled to have too much; everything has gone too far", and his comments were echoed more recently by Simon Murray, chairman of the commodities trading company Glencore, who said: "Pregnant ladies have nine months off.

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Do you think that means. Bragg says: "There is widespread acceptance of pregnancy discrimination amongst employers. In this study, manual treatment was found to be highly effective in treating neck pain during pregnancy, which is in accord with other studies Sleep disorders are also very frequent during pregnancy and according to Lopes et al, their peak is during the second trimester In our study it is shown that chiropractic treatment in highly effective in treating insomnia after one treatment.

Manual therapy in pregnancy is a low cost, drugless, etiological, usually highly effective therapy, safe and well tolerable treatment, rapid, often has an immediate effect. This study suggests that it could be the first treatment of choice in treating GERD during pregnancy.

National Center for Biotechnology Information , U. Journal List Med Arch v. Med Arch. Boris Skarica. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Received Feb 5; Accepted Mar Abstract Objectives To determine the usefulness of manual treatment in reducing or eliminating pregnancy symptoms during first and second trimester.

Pregnant completely manual Pregnant completely manual
Pregnant completely manual Pregnant completely manual
Pregnant completely manual Pregnant completely manual
Pregnant completely manual Pregnant completely manual
Pregnant completely manual Pregnant completely manual
Pregnant completely manual Pregnant completely manual
Pregnant completely manual Pregnant completely manual

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