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And how does all of this contribute to your American Dream? Beyond seeking higher pay—or becoming a famous actor or race car driver or whatever you dreamed of being as a child—what steps can you take to become happy at work, or maintain your happiness? Read on to find out.

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Resigning from your current position can be emotional and stressful. There's no easy way to say it, but here are four ways you can make it a little easier:. Skip to main content.

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Industries Topics. Find the best work environment to live your American Dream. Check out the following infographic for the answers:. Resign from your Job with Class.

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  • For others, it might mean a gilded penthouse high above a big city. Generally, though, most people agree that the American Dream is about living a full and fulfilling life, surrounded by a community of people doing the same.

    Most Americans See American Dream as Achievable

    It means having economic opportunity, having the ability to save enough to own the place where you lay your head at night and living someplace where people from all walks of life can live comfortably. SmartAsset combed through data to find the cities where the American Dream is most achievable. Specifically, we considered the five metrics: homeownership rate, diversity rate, upward mobility rate, median home value and unemployment rate.

    Check out our Data and Methodology section below to see how we put the data together to create our final rankings. This is the edition of this study.

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    • Check out our version here. Aurora, Illinois, a Chicago suburb, is at the top of our list. It has the strongest diversity score in the top 10 and ranks well for economic mobility, coming in third place in this list for this metric. The highest-ranked Texan city in our top 10 is Odessa, located in the western part of the state. This town is another all-around performer.

      What’s Your American Dream Score?

      It has the highest score for economic mobility on our list. It also has a homeownership rate of Midland, Texas, another city in the western part of the state, comes in at No. Midland has the lowest unemployment rate in our top 10, at 2. It also ranks well in other metrics, including the second-highest economic mobility rate of all of the other cities on this list. West Valley City, Utah lost its top spot on the list this year, but it still places a respectable fourth. It is tied for the second-lowest unemployment rate on this list, at 2.



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