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Love Is the Overflow of Joy in God

How Does God Speak to Us? Without the Spirit, the Bible will not be of any service to us. Satan himself knows the word of God better than we ever will, and he seeks to use it for his own evil agenda. Without the Holy Spirit making us holy, we can study the Scriptures but in our sinfulness we will use our knowledge for evil and not good, just like Satan.

For all who are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God.

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Elevating the Spirit over the word should never diminish the word, but rather lift up the Spirit as God. The word helps us, but God and not the Bible is the real point. To hear or feel the Spirits personal leading should never contradict, diminish, or make void the written word of God to us in our minds. I have a written out prayer list for each of my four kids. I try to remain very sensitive to verses of Scripture the Spirit drops into my heart for each of them when I pray. Not long ago God had given me a specific verse to pray over my oldest daughter about the fear of God and the praise of men.

One afternoon I told her what God had given me for her. While she will often listen to my counsel, these words seem to resonate in her in an unusual way.

God used the words of this verse, which he had given to me for her, to speak directly into an area of her life. The more Scripture you know, the more illumination the Holy Spirit can give to you regarding his heart for various people.

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God has never brought to my mind a Scripture I did not already know. I know some who claim he has done that for them, but I think the normal way he works is to bring to mind the Scriptures we have hidden in our hearts. Memorizing Scripture is like stocking myself with ammunition for the Spirit to fire as I pray—promises I can claim, warnings I can heed. The Bible contains over promises. I want to know all of them. God did not give us the Bible simply to read through, but to pray through. Remember, the word is his primary weapon. He [the Spirit] guides us in prayer; thus, he helps our infirmities.

But the blessed Spirit does more than this; he will often direct the mind to the special subject of prayer. He dwells within us as our Counselor and points out to us what it is we should seek at the hands of God.

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Seven Keys to Hearing God's Voice

We do not know why it is so, but we sometimes find our minds carried as by a strong undercurrent into a particular line of prayer for some definite purpose. It is not merely that our judgment leads us in that direction, though usually the Spirit of God acts upon us by enlightening our judgment, but we often feel an unaccountable and irresistible desire rising within our hearts.

He will guide you both negatively and positively. Recently I was praying for a couple in my small group when I sensed God impressing upon me that he had something really special for their son, who was at the time 10 years old. They are a newly saved couple, and unbeknownst to me worry about the bad habits they may have sown into him for the first 10 years of his life. I told them that I believed God was telling them that he had brought them to salvation just when he wanted to, and that he had already provided for their children.

I told them that the future of their family was in his merciful hands. The relief on their face told me everything. I am anxious to see what God does with it. When I was four years old, a pastor told my parents something very similar about me. In fact, for many years after that I walked away from God—and hard.

Hearing God's Voice

My parents prayed this word back to God during the time I wandered, and rejoiced in it later when he brought me back to himself and called me into his service. Praying with the help of the Spirit means asking God how to pray more specifically about certain situations and to instruct us in what he wants us to say or do. Throughout history Christian believers have reported God moving in their hearts this way:.

Take Vesta [his future wife] with you. Sometimes God gives us foreknowledge about situations he wants us to get prepared for. The Holy Spirit told the Apostle Paul, for example, that danger awaited the ship he sailed on, which helped prepare Paul to minister to the passengers when it happened and convinced those on the ship to listen to him.

Recently On Spiritual Life

The prophet Agabus warned that a famine would affect the whole Roman world Acts And, by the way, in case you wonder why I am using a lot of older theologians you may not have heard of as my examples, I am trying to show you that the experience of God speaking in the spirit is not something invented by modern day TV evangelists, but has been the experience of believers of all traditions throughout church history. Jesus told his disciples that if they had faith they could move mountains. Get out of my way! The Spirit fills us at certain times with faith for certain mountains.

Adding the wave of your faith to the wave of his will releases the laser of his power. Increase Mather Boston: B. Green, I didn't realize it at the time though, and I spent a great deal of time in the hospital. It was there I was diagnosed with a plethora of different mental health issues.

I am still currently on medication, and under doctors care until I am "declared" by the doctors to no longer need them. I am hoping that with my recent healing, which I will tell you about in a moment, that I will be able to make a full recovery and get back up on my feet.

Now, to my healing and additional baptism of the holy spirit: I had popped into an online chat room on a video feed from youtube. It was of a fairly well known church, and they were holding a prayer service.

THE HOLY SPIRIT SPEAKS THROUGH THE WORD - (Me and Pastor Aimee's favorite way to hear from God)

I had popped in for the sole reason of letting others know that someone, whom is also well known, was sick and was in need of prayer. I didn't do much chatting but I stuck around. Perhaps it was an inclination of what was to come? I digress, my visit wasn't in vain.

Six Ways the Holy Spirit Will Communicate With You, by Charles Carrin : The Pneuma Review

The pastor of this church received a word of knowledge while praying aloud. It was about someone who was watching online. This person was heavily afflicted with a spirit of suicide.

My eyes got wide. That's me! I thought. I stuck around to hear more but nothing more was said other than they had prayed for the spirit to be removed. I briefly chatted on and off with some of the people in the chatroom. I saw that one brother was announcing that, if anyone needed healing he would speak to them through facebook.

I went to facebook and messaged him immediately. The wait was on! I thought he might not get around to me that night, because there were others that were asking for healing as well.

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