Androgyne (German Edition)

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Dabei wird die Verwirrung der Geschlechteridentitaten, die nicht nur in Brentanos fiktionalen Texte zu beobachten ist, sondern die auch in den Briefen an Achim von Arnim und an Sophie Mereau eine bedeutende Rolle spielt, als literarisches Strukturprinzip gefasst und in den Kontext einer narratologischen Analyse gestellt. Der Begriff der "androgynen Autorschaft" eroeffnet nicht nur einen neuen Zugang zum Werk Brentanos, er ist auch fur die Romantikforschung insgesamt perspektivreich.

Vorstellungen von Geschlecht sind in der Literatur um grundsatzlich auf poetologische Fragestellungen bezogen und mussen somit im Kontext der Aufwertung der Poesie gegenuber philosophischen Diskursen betrachtet werden. Eine Sonderfunktion literarischer Geschlechterkonstruktionen stellt dabei die utopische Vorstellung einer androgynen Ganzheit jenseits der Geschlechterdifferenz dar, wie sie vor allem dem romantischen Dichter zugeschrieben wird. Solche poetologischen Androgynenmodelle sind einerseits dem Geniekult des Jahrhunderts verpflichtet; andererseits aber problematisieren sie durch den Aspekt der Doppelung oder Vielheit die Vorstellung vom Autor als einer einheitlichen und mit sich selbst identischen Person.

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We've listed similar copies below. Stock Image. Androgyne Autorschaft. Horstkotte, Silke:. Used Softcover Quantity Available: 1. Versandbuchhandlung Westhofen, Germany. Androgyne Autorschaft Horstkotte, Silke. The parts derived from the whole males are the ancestors of those men who tend to homosexuality and pederasty; the parts derived from the whole females are the ancestors of women who incline to be lesbians.

The androgynes, who are nowadays regarded with scorn, gave rise to men who are woman-lovers and adulterers, and to women who are man-lovers and adulteresses. Symposium e — e.

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The androgyne is explicitly denigrated in this myth, not only in the statement of reproach for its present-day physical manifestations but in the implication that creatures derived from it are excessively lustful; the splitting of the androgyne is responsible for the fact that we expend and, by implication, waste so much time and trouble trying to get back together again. No account of the myths of androgyny can fail to mention Genesis , though we shall discuss the myth of Adam and Eve at greater length in the context of European myths.

The midrash on Genesis explicitly states that when God created the first man he created him androgynous; thus Adam gave birth to Eve. If man be made in the image of God, the creator himself would be an androgyne, although there is nothing explicit about this in the text of Genesis itself. It is, however, interesting to note that Genesis does attribute to the origin of Eve from Adam the fact that, just as Plato noted in the same context, men and women have ever since sought to unite physically.

He had no joy, and desired a second. Now he was as large as a woman and a man in a close embrace, and so he caused his self to fall into two pieces, which became a husband and wife. Therefore it is said, "Oneself is like a half-fragment. But then she thought, "How can he copulate with me when he has just produced me from himself? I will hide.

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She became a mare; he a stallion. In other Indo-European myths, too, the primordial dismemberment is not of a man but of an androgyne. The Navajo say that First Man and First Woman had five sets of twins; the last four sets were each composed of a boy and a girl, but the first pair were barren hermaphrodites Long, , p. The last four sets procreated, but the first set were the first people to die, and "she" i.

The male hermaphrodite simply dies; the female androgyne becomes the devil. Both are barren. Among the tribes of the Northwest Coast, too, mythic hermaphrodite dwarfs are killers, banished not to the underworld but to the moon Boas, , vol. Among the Zuni, however, one does find a central and positive androgynous creator, named Awonawilona "he-she"; Stevenson, , pp.

Sudanese and Dogon art depicts horizontal androgynes, with breasts as well as penises. These figures may represent the primeval state of androgyny: man the way God made him, before the intervention of society made possible the perpetuation of the human race through the reduction of dangerously complete creatures to more manageable and useful halves.

At birth every Dogon child has both a female soul and a male soul; at puberty every child undergoes ritual circumcision or clitoridectomy in order to remove the androgyny with which he or she is born.

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In so far as the child retains the prepuce or the clitoris — characteristics of the sex opposite to its own apparent sex — its masculinity and femininity are equally potent. It is not right, therefore, to compare an uncircumcised boy to a woman: he is, like an unexcised girl, both male and female. If this uncertainty as to his sex were to continue, he would never have any inclination for procreation.

Griaule, , pp. God may be an androgyne; but man must not. The fusing type of androgyne is originally created as a male and female in isolation and must fuse in order to create. The separate components are barren; only the androgyne is creative in contrast with the splitting androgyne, which is creative only when the male and female parts have separated. The most common variant of the theme of the fusing androgyne is the Two-in-One or hierogamy i.

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In broader theological terms, this symbolizes the merging of complementary opposites — the conjunctio oppositorum Eliade, , pp. But the more straightforward form of the fusing androgyne, in which the male and female partners each give up one half of their bodies to fuse into a single being, half male and half female, is relatively rare.

Therefore you should not cause a separation between us, as if we were distinct people. A more complex candidate for androgyny is the notorious North American trickster. Even though primarily male, he not only masquerades as a female but actually gives birth to children.

He normally keeps his detached phallus in a box and is thus self-castrating like many Greek androgynes ; in order to have sexual intercourse, he removes the phallus from the box and sends it to the woman. What his character represents, however, is a coincidence of opposites far more general than androgyny: it is primeval chaos, in which the basic social, moral, sexual, and even gross physical distinctions are yet unmade Radin, The trickster is thus androgynously creative and psychologically "full," but the bitter humor with which he is depicted and the tragedy that follows upon his creative enterprises produce a sardonic vision of theological "wholeness" and a satire on human sexual integration.

This aspect of his nature has led many scholars to identify him as a devil rather than a god, but this is not a useful distinction in dealing with a character who is morally so protean as the androgyne. From the preceding survey, selective and sketchy though it is, it becomes apparent that most cultures have felt more comfortable with the concept of the splitting androgyne than with that of the fusing androgyne.

Androgyny is thus not always a symbol of perfect union and balance. Many myths point out that the permanently fused androgyne is, technically, the one creature in the world who is certain to be unable to copulate. As Alan Watts has remarked, the androgyne symbolizes a state "in which the erotic no longer has to be sought or pursued, because it is always present in its totality" Watts, , pp. Yet the androgyne may also imply that the greatest longing may be felt in complete union, when satiation is so near and yet so far; water, water everywhere, nor any drop to drink.

Thus the androgyne may symbolize satiation without desire or desire without satiation. Western androgynes, which are usually fused rather than splitting, are often unsuccessful. Many visual images of medieval androgynes that express complicated alchemical and occult concepts are ludicrous to the eye.

Maurice Henry has produced a brilliant and hilarious series of cartoon androgynes who can neither fuse nor split and who are at last driven to saw themselves apart so that they can come together. A far more horrible sort of cartoon is Goya's Disorderly Folly, Also Known as Disparate Matrimonial , depicting a married couple grotesquely joined together back to back, like Siamese twins. In our day, androgyny has once again become trendy, particularly in feminist and homosexual circles; but we are still not truly comfortable with the physical androgyne.

Michel Foucault has pointed out, in his introduction to the memoirs of Herculine Barbin, a nineteenth-century French hermaphrodite, the ironic contrast between the Romantic idea of androgyny and the barbarism with which an actual androgyne was treated. This dichotomy can best be understood in the context of the history of modern European and Christian responses to the androgyne, a subject to which we now turn.

The Judeo-Christian myth and theology of the androgyny of the primal man were successfully reinterpreted and revalorized by Jakob Boehme — For this great mystic and theosophist, Adam's sleep represents the first fall: Adam separated himself from the divine world and "imagined himself" immersed in nature, by which act he lowered himself and became earthly.


The appearance of the sexes is a direct consequence of this first fall. According to certain of Boehme's followers, on seeing the animals copulate Adam was disturbed by desire and God gave him sex to avoid worse texts in Benz, , pp. Read more Read less. Not Enabled. No customer reviews.

Androgyne (German Edition)
Androgyne (German Edition)
Androgyne (German Edition)
Androgyne (German Edition)
Androgyne (German Edition)
Androgyne (German Edition)
Androgyne (German Edition)
Androgyne (German Edition)

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