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I want to talk about habitat, because, when we think about writing as an activity, as a pursuit with purpose,we need to think about how it comes to be and how it passes beyond. I want to say that we are doing something right. One of the lingering problems with seeing the results of your work in education.

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Curiosity, creativity and self-motivation are crucial traits for writers. You need to have excellent research skills and be good at interviewing subjects. You should like to read as much as you enjoy writing.

Be a Teacher of The Future

To become a professional writer, you will most likely need a bachelor's degree, preferably in English , writing or journalism, although some employers may hire you without one. Take time to find a career that plays to your strengths. If you do, there is a much better chance you will have a successful career with which you are happy. You have some, but not nearly enough, of the qualities writers need.

You may also be unwilling to fulfill the educational requirements that will allow you to compete in this career. The compensation may be quite a bit lower than you would like. You should be good at and enjoy expressing yourself through the written word.

How do well-intentioned, aspiring writers tread the path to becoming great storytellers?

You need to be creative, curious and self motivated. Excellent research skills are a must as are strong interviewing and listening skills.

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  5. It will be hard to be a good writer if you don't like to read. A Bachelor's Degree in English, writing or journalism will help you land a job as a writer. Keep looking for a career that is a better fit for someone with your strengths. It will give you a better chance of succeeding. You have most of the qualities writers need, but not all of them. You can try to acquire some of those soft skills.

    If you enjoy writing but can't always express yourself well, keep practicing.

    12 Signs That You Are a Writer At Heart (And 3 Signs You Are Not)

    You must be creative, which usually is a quality one is born with but if you weren't, look for ways to bring it out in yourself. Where your siblings played with their Star Wars toys and doll houses, you spent Christmas in your room with your nose sunk into your new books as you let the fresh smell consume you.

    You were born a writer if your journals, notepads, and diaries were your most prized possessions. You never let other family members even touch them in your absence and mostly kept them hidden from the prying eyes of your siblings. You either gave away all your toys or discarded them, but never your journals! You might still have some stashed in a carton somewhere in your garage. Feel like going down the memory lane?

    How do we know this? Their notions and their ideas of what the world should be and what it is, stay contradictory. They imagine the world more colorful, the people more vibrant and supportive and thus want to be a part of that made-up world. This strange belonging made them feel like an outsider all the time.

    You were born a writer if you always had a notepad beside you to write down all those sentences that made perfect sense to you. The sentences you could relate to as if your whole life had been described in them.

    How do you learn to write?

    You always kept certain paragraphs of your favorite novels highlighted or kept the pages marked and went back to them when you felt like reading them. If you had such an upbringing with post-its, highlights, and a diary full of your favorite quotations, it was a sign you were to become a writer. You were never empty-minded.

    You always had some stories concocted up in your little mind. You made sure every experience no matter how bizarre or unusual you encountered, you wrote about it. Even if it involved scenarios like getting soaked in the rain and having to walk back home because you missed your bus or watching your pet kittens fight among themselves.

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    To others, such happenings were not worth remembering, but you always made sure you had them safe in your diary. Serious Reading. Share on Facebook. Published a Book?

    Are Writers Born Or Made? | The Creative Penn

    Let Serious Reading promote it! Get Your Book Promoted. Writing kept you sane You were born a writer if writing was the only thing that helped you overcome all the heartaches, breakdowns, and the pain you felt. You were always a people watcher You were born a writer if you were always a great observer.

    You loved your solitary travels You were born a writer if you just needed some time out every now and then.

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