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On Michaels return things start to get intense, and not exactly in a good way. So much is happening in this books, so much desire, passion, longing, betrayal, hurt, lies, blackmailing and so much more. This book really has it all! They both work so well together and deliver such amazing stories and this was no exception! Mar 24, Shayna rated it really liked it Shelves: arc-review , erotic , not-yet-released , read-in , sexy-alphas.

I always enjoy when these two authors get together. They have a similar style, so the storytelling ends up flowing nicely and seamlessly. They both have this, I'm going to call it a flamboyant style of writing. It's out there and sometimes cooky, but it in no way deters from the story. It just fits and makes the story that much enjoyable to follow. If you've read my reviews on the first two books in the series, you know that I am in complete love with Killian Stone and Claire's romance.

It's epic and beautiful and everything in between. That being said, this dynamic duo had to someway top that love story. That has to be pretty difficult with expectations being so high. Unfortunately, Margaux and Michael's story didn't reach that level for me. I couldn't connect with Margaux as much as I wanted to. I didn't have a good impression of her from the other books, and that carried over into this one. I did like Michael's character. I liked how he was sweet and loving, and just an all around good guy, but when he was around this woman, his inner beast came out, and he wanted to explore that part of him, even though he was afraid of it.

When Michael went away for all those months in the beginning, I would have loved to read more about what he did while he was away. In the story, he was just there and then he was back. I wanted more of what went through his mind while he was away, and what was the ultimate deciding factor of why he came back. The enemies to friends to lovers dynamic was interesting to me.

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It was a slow burning build of emotions that did keep me intrigued. There is a back and forth of emotional walls being torn down and then built back up that drove me a bit crazy. Michael stole the show in No Perfect Princess. This nice guy with a filthy mouth made me melt. Towards the end Margaux grew on me a bit.


With Michael's love, she discovered that she was worthy, worthy of him and worthy of his love. The emotional topics in this story broke and mended my heart over and over again, making No Perfect Princess an overall good romance read. Killian fans, you will be excited to see a side of Mr.

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Stone that will make you melt. Get some tissues for this one ladies. Jan 03, Kika Medina rated it it was amazing. Angel and Victoria are a wonderful team and I cannot wait to continue this series, it has really captivated me!! Apr 29, Tracy rated it really liked it. I'd say it can easily be read as a standalone. I loved the banter between the main characters and individually I thought both were great. Margaux - she's cool.

Ok, she can be a bit of a snot but when she let's her guard down and forgets to put on the act she's 'real' - though there were times when I wanted to bloody strangle the damned woman! I liked the indecisive path her thoughts and emotions took.

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She could be bitchy and was hard as fuck in business but we got a glimpse of the mellowed softer side that might just be coerced out if Michael ever got his finger out of his arse!!!! Michael, hmmmmmm, what can I say about him but hell, where can I find a Michael?!?! He's hotHotHOT, funny with a great sense of humour and mischief, so very sexy, filthy dirty minded and mouthed I loved his internal dialogue when he was driving home and had to stop The sex scenes, when we got to them, nearly burned my kindle out - the one in the barn and then in the field There is a great cast of supporting characters - good and bad IMHO, if you can write a bad guy that readers really hate, that's good writing right there!!

Trey - my gods, he's a total prick!!! Andrea is a complete bitch - the woman can't stoop too low it seems.. I loved Di, Michaels mum. The gals have given us a great book. If you didn't know that 2 authors were involved you'd never guess that was the case, the story flowed and the whole thing was seamless. I'm gonna go back and read the other 2 in the series when I have the chance and I can't wait to see what's coming in book 4!!!!

Mar 31, Amy rated it it was amazing Shelves: erotic-hot-romance , romance-with-a-twist. This book is Margaux and Michael's story.

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Margaux Asher has hidden secrets, she was adopted by Andrea mommy dearest a cold-hearted BITCH, she received no kindness or love growing-up which is why she is given the nickname the Ice Princess as an adult, and doesn't know how to love or be loved. She is lonely, lost and afraid to get close to anyone, until she met Michael, she let down her walls let him in then put them back up and ran!!

She was raised in a world of privilege a collector of expensive shoes and found out on her biologic father's death bed that her birth name is Mary Stone heir to the Stone empire, a secret she keeps from the world, living as Margaux Asher. Michael Pearson grew up as a child to apple farmers, not privileged and is now a lawyer who works for Andrea and Margaux.

He always knew he could thaw the ice princess and get to know the real Margaux,so he forges a friendship with her hoping for more. He has his own secrets about his not perfect childhood, which is why he is so close with his mother.


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He is willing to fight for her body,mind and soul. Will he give up after she lets him in repeatedly then runs and avoids him over and over? This story also contains hot alpha protective males, Michael when Margaux 's life if threatened physically by the family bad boy Trey and Killian when Claire has a health issue. This book is a can't put me down read, draws you in and won't let you go!!

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Well developed characters and well written fast paced erotic romance with suspense, humor, physical violence and lots of dirty sexy bedroom talk. Read the books in order not stand alone. Looking forward to more books in t his series!!! This book is for mature readers over 18, due to content. Apr 14, Sassy Southern rated it it was amazing. This is book 3 of the Secrets of Stone series.

Well I wasn't really lost.

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I was able to follow the story line really well. It definitely got me interested in reading the first 2 books. Bt definitely can be read as a stand alone , you will just have some questions that will want to be answered. Margaux Asher…. A take no crap "Princess of PR". People fear her, men want This is book 3 of the Secrets of Stone series.

People fear her, men want her. She has secrets of her own that she doesn't want anyone to know about, so she keeps people at length.

A Princess For Payne A Princess For Payne
A Princess For Payne A Princess For Payne
A Princess For Payne A Princess For Payne
A Princess For Payne A Princess For Payne
A Princess For Payne A Princess For Payne
A Princess For Payne A Princess For Payne
A Princess For Payne A Princess For Payne

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