A Perfect Day For a Funeral

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One daughter had the distinction of going to the funeral of the sister, and brother in law of a good friend in high school, including the murder of their children, the youngest just 8 months.

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Paying their respects, among those who attended and eulogized Rabbi Don, was the Speaker of the Knesset our parliament and the Chief Rabbi of Efrat where I live. You said you were lucky that I was your wife, but I was the lucky one to have a husband who was loving, attentive, tender and warm. You were happy when we were happy.

Watch the Death at a Funeral Trailer - In Theaters 4/16/10

Everything you did was for your children and you always told me how proud you were of them and how much you loved them. As I began to absorb and process my thoughts to write this, news of yet another terrorist attack and the murder of a 21 year young woman, Hadar Buchris. Within 24 hours they would go through the same grief of burying her, the latest victim of an endless war of terrorism where the victims are targeted simply because we are Jews living in the Land that God gave to Abraham and his descendants.

And the next day, two teenage Arab girls attacked a 70 year old man with scissors on a main Jerusalem street, and another Israeli man was stabbed to death while waiting at a gas station. Families of those murdered and surviving victims do need prayers and support, psychologically and financially. The government provides some of the later. To a degree, we are all victims. But rather than being victimized, Israelis need to gain strength and be empowered to move beyond the grief, not to hide the invisible scars resulting from personal losses and resulting fear, but not to become victim to these that make us unable to go forward.

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Koby and his friend, Yosef, went out on a hike near their home. They came across Arabs who bound, stabbed and beat them to death with rocks, disfiguring their bodies in a way that would make ISIS proud, making identification of their remains difficult. Their work is quiet and behind the scenes, without lots of fanfare and photos of the people they help. Their programs are provided free of charge, and combine formal, informal, and recreational therapeutic techniques to foster an environment of emotional support.

When it comes to healing the invisible scars and giving Israelis the ability to move forward, their work is simply invaluable. Unfortunately in the past year there is no shortage of children who have suffered the loss of a parent or sibling that makes their work all the more powerful and essential, today and for at least a generation to come. May the families of those who continue to suffer death and injury be strengthened by the comfort of those who pray for them and stand with them, from near and far. Be among those who bless Israel, and declare today that you are a Judean.

Contact me at FirstPersonIsrael gmail. My condolences to you and your family. May you receive comfort from the word of God, the bible, during this time of loss. This comment will be displayed anonymously. Your name and email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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Little Girl Blue. Michael Dean Damron. A Perfect Day for a Funeral. Pot to Piss In. Girl in a Box. The Cape.

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Blame It on the Whiskey. Outlaw Song. Miss Amphetamine. New Paint. Spotify Amazon. Spit Michael Dean Damron.

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Montana Michael Dean Damron. Girl in a Box Michael Dean Damron. Outlaw Song Michael Dean Damron. Miss Amphetamine Michael Dean Damron.

A Perfect Day For a Funeral A Perfect Day For a Funeral
A Perfect Day For a Funeral A Perfect Day For a Funeral
A Perfect Day For a Funeral A Perfect Day For a Funeral
A Perfect Day For a Funeral A Perfect Day For a Funeral
A Perfect Day For a Funeral A Perfect Day For a Funeral
A Perfect Day For a Funeral A Perfect Day For a Funeral
A Perfect Day For a Funeral A Perfect Day For a Funeral
A Perfect Day For a Funeral A Perfect Day For a Funeral

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